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Bible Answers by Verse
June 2010 version

If any questions about the Bible are the only barrier keeping you from believing in Jesus, we hope the following 7,300+ answers
will help. Remember though, the important thing is not to know these lesser answers, but rather the One who is the Answer.

Answering Common Muslim questions on Christianity

  How To Tell If Someone Might Be Influenced By a False Group  


  The Bible  





  New Testament  


  1 Peter  

  Old Testament  

  1 Samuel  






  2 Peter  

  The Torah  

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  1 John  


  1 Kings  

  Song of Solomon  




  1 Thessalonians  

  2 John  

  Gen & Science  

  2 Kings  





  2 Thessalonians  

  3 John  


  1 Chronicles  





  1 Timothy  



  2 Chronicles  





  2 Timothy  









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  1 Corinthians  


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  Early church  

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Answering Muslim Bible Objections 2

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