Suggested References on Islam
September 2003 version

Suggested References on Christianity

Christian References on Islam

Abd al-Masih. A Question That Demands an Answer. The Good Way P.O. Box 66 8486 Rikon, Switzerland. (no date) (61 pages)

Ankerberg, John and John Weldon. The Facts on Islam. Harvest House Publishers, 1991. (48 pages)

Geisler, Norman L. and Abdul Saleeb Answering Islam. Baker Books, 1993.

Gilchrist, John. Christ in Islam and Christianity. Jesus to the Muslims, 1985. (40 pages)

Gilchrist, John. Is Mohammed Foretold in the Bible? : A Response to What the Bible Says About Muhummed. Jesus to the Muslims, 1979. (39 pages)

Gilchrist, John. Is Muhammad Foretold in the Bible? Jesus to the Muslims, 1985. (37 pages)

Gilchrist, John. Origins and Sources of the Gospel of Barnabas. Jesus to the Muslims,. 1979. (32 pages)

Gilchrist, John. What Indeed Was the Sign of Jonah? Jesus to the Muslims, 1985. (36 pages)

Hahn, Ernest. How to Respond to Muslims. Concordia Publishing House, 1995.

Massey, Kundan L. Tide of the Supernatural : a call to love for the Muslim World. Here's Life Publishers, 1980.


References by Muslims and About Islam

Sabiq, As-Sayyid. Fiqh us-Sunnah American Trust Publications, 1985. (5 volumes) (One of the collections of Sunni Hadiths)

'Ahmad, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi. Islam international Publications Ltd., 1990 (This is by Ahmiddaya Muslims, which are not considered orthodox by either Sunnis or Shi'ites.) (27 pages)

Al-Bukhari Sahih Al-Bukhari. (translated by Muhammad Muhsin Khan published by al Maktabat Al Salafiat Al Madinato Al Monawart. (no date) (9 volumes) (The most authoritative collection of Sunni Hadiths)

an-NawawiForty Hadith. translated by Ezzedin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies. Dar al-ilm Indonesia (no date)

Arbury, A.J. The Koran Interpreted. Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1955. (Yusuf Ali's translation is apparently more accurate than this one.)

Coplestone, F.S. Jesus Christ or Mohammed? Christian Focus 2000. 158 pages.

Dashti, Ali. Twenty Three Years : A Study of the Prophetic Career of Mohammed. Geroge Allen & Unwin, 1985. (Ali Dashti apparently was executed after Khomeini came to power in Iran)

English Translation of the Meaning of AL-QUR'AN : The Guidance for Mankind. By Mohammad Faroog-I-Azam Malik. The Institute of Islamic knowledge 1997.

Holy, QUR-AN, The. (Arabic and English) Revised and edited by the Presidency of Islamic Researches, IFTA, Call and Guidance. King Fahd Holy Qur-an Printing Complex. (The English translation was by Abdullah Yusuf Ali) 1410 A.H.

Lippman, Thomas W. Understanding Islam : An Introduction to the Moslem World. Mentor Books, 1982.

Muslim, Imam. (rendered into English by 'Abdul Hamid Siddiqi) Sahih Muslim. International Islamic publishing House. (no date) (4 volumes)

Rahman, Fazlur. Islam. 2nd edition. University of Chicago Press, 1979.

Yahya Bin Sharaf An-Nawawi, Imam Abu Zakariya (compiler), S.M. Madni Abbasi (translator) Riyadh-Us-Saleheen. International Islamic Publishing House. (no date) (2 volumes)



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