The Ibn-i-Majah Hadiths
June 2007 version

"See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ." Colossians 2:8 NIV

Sunni Muslims hold to their traditions as almost as important as the Qur'an. Most Sunnis recognize six collections of hadiths as authoritative. The sixth most authoritative one was collected by Ibn Maja (824-866/887 A.D. 273 A.H.) called Sunan Ibn-i-Majah. This is a collection of 4,342 Hadiths.

The Importance of Ritual Washing

Allah does not accept prayers without purification. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.271-272 p.157

Ablution [washing] is half of the faith. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 chapter 5 p.151

Sniffing water up your mouth and nose drives the sins out of the mouth and nose. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.282 p.163

When ritually washing the hands and face, the sins fall from them to the ground. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.283 p.163

A wind will blow and extinguish every believer. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 footnote 1 p.5

No interest allowed. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.18 p.10

Some Muslims will be in Hell temporarily and then get out. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.60 p.34

It is not guaranteed that a baby goes to Heaven. "'A'isha, the Believers' Mother (Allah be pleased with her), reported that Allah's Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was called to the bier of a child of the Ansar (the Helpers). I ('A'isha) said, "Allah's Messenger, this one is blessed one, a sparrow amongst the sparrows of Paradise, who has committed no evil and who did not attain the age in which one can commit evil." He (the Holy Prophet) remarked upon this, "It may be otherwise, 'A'i'sha. Verily Allah has created the inmates of the Paradise; He created them while they were in the loins of their parents, and He created the denizens for the Hell-Fire and created them while there were still in their father's loins." Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.82 p.48-49

Infection and evil omen do not exist. Things happen by Allah's decree. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.86 p.51

Sex with slave girls. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.89 p.52


When the pens have dried. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.91 p.53-54

Deeds recorded before a person was born. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.75 p.43-44

Adam and Moses argued in Heaven. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.80 p.47-48

The Importance of the Moon

The moon is the sign of Allah being seen. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.175 p.180 p.100

Against the Shi'ites

Anti-Shi'ite hadith. 'Ali said Mohammed said the best two people after Mohammed are Abu Bakr and 'Umar. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.106 p.61

Mohammed prophesied a civil war when 'Uthman was caliph, but 'Uthman should not let anyone stripe him of the "shirt" of the Caliphate. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.112 p.64

Mu'awiya (Allah be pleased with him) reproached someone for saying good about 'Ali. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.121 p.70

'Ali said that Mohammed prophesied that they should kill the al-Khawarj (Kharijites). Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.167-171 p.92-99

Mohammed said the Kharijites are dogs of fire. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.113 p.96. This is interesting because the Kharijite sect was not even around until after 'Uthman was killed.

Kill doctrinally deviant Muslims [Kharijites]. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.175 p.87

"Allah has some kinsfolk of mankind" - the followers of the Qur'an. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.125 p.121

Mohammed was Not Sinless

Mohammed prayed to be purified from his sins. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.805 p.2-3

Mohammed asked forgiveness until his feet were swollen. A voice said his sins were forgiven. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1419-1420 p.350-351

When your amin [amen] coincides with the angels, all your sins are forgiven. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.851-854 p.26-27

A father hit his son for correction when his son did not know something. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.873 p.36

Mohammed asked God to forgive him. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.847 p.48

Do not say 'Peace on Allah' for Allah himself is peace. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.899 p.50


Muslims should stand with their rows straight, or their hearts will be variant. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.976 p.91


A Muslim abandoning prayer is committing infidelity and polytheism. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1078-1080 p.144-145

One Friday prayer to another serves as a ransom for all minor sins committed in between. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1086-1090 p.149-151

A Muslim needs to pray an odd number of prayers Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1169-1170 p.194-195

Prayer is forbidden after 'Asr till the sun sets and after Fajr until the sun rises. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1249-1254 p.243-246

Prayer for the sick does not change anything (alter any decrees of Allah), but it does make the patient feel better. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 footnote 1 p.362

A black dog or menstruating woman passing in front of a praying person makes the prayer void. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.949-953 p.78-80

Men in Islam

If the Imam makes a mistake the men can point it out by saying "Allah be glorified, while the women can only clap. Women cannot speak [in the mosque] or it will cause a trial for the males. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1034-1038 and footnote 1 p.119-120.


Blowing your nose and menstruating are acts of Satan Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.969 p.87.

Muslim women confined to their houses can come out during Id festivals. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1307-1308 p.277

Weeping (or Faking It) When Reciting the Qur'an

When you recite the Qur'an you should weep. If you cannot weep, then pretend [fake] weeping. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1337 p.294

The Strange

Miracle of the tree trunk screaming when Mohammed no longer leaned on it when he preached. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1414-1417 p.346-348

Mohammed was frightened during an eclipse. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1262 p.252

Paradise: Above the seventh heaven is a river and eight angels who look like mountain goats. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.193 p.109

Shooting stars are to hit [bad] angels before they spread what they heard. Sometimes they tell soothsayers before they are hit though. Ibn-i-Majah vol.1 no.194 p.110

A Jewish woman died, and Mohammed said her relatives' lamenting was tormenting her in her grave. Ibn-i-Majah vol.2 no.1595 p.446

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