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Attention: Cable Access Television Producers

Christian Debater(tm) is looking for local cable access television producers. Our director, Larry

Wessels, has been a local cable access producer for more than eleven years and has found this media outreach an inexpensive opportunity to get the message of Christ out to the local secular community.

Christian Debater(tm) has videos on a wide range of subjects that were originally produced as local cable access television shows. Please see the Christian Debater(tm) resource list and catalog for a complete listing of all Videos available to date.

If you desire to reach your community (provided they have cable access television) with informative Christian Debater(tm) videos that can help those with sincere questions, please contact Christian Debater(tm). Call and leave your name and mailing address and we will send you a cable access producer form letter which will instruct you of the steps to take next. You can write us as well in this regard. Make an impact in your town for Christ!